Luna Rolg in Kaolin Lake

Luna Rolg



My name is Luna Rolg. I’m just a little girl with big dream, who believes that her dreams can become reality one day just like Pablo Picasso’s quote, “Everything you can imagine is real”. I’m really passionate about travelling, exploring the secluded places, storytelling and of course photography as you can see in my Instagram feeds. I like to describe myself as a tiny wanderluster and beach fanatic. Through my Instagram feeds and this blog, I’m showcasing all my passions with you.

Talking about blog, this is not my first blog. I previously used Wix to build my blog as the way to escape building a blog through WordPress and that was a huge mistake. I could’ve spent my time learning more about WordPress rather than spending my time building my Wix website here. Don’t get me wrong, Wix is really great and easy website builder but after some researches I did, WordPress is the best for building a blog, not only a website. So, here I am attempting to master building my blog via WordPress which sometimes still confuse me.

On Instagram, I’m mostly known as @immatakeyou or @getwanderlusted. Confused? Yes, I have 2 Instagram accounts. You are free to follow whichever you want. Why did I create a new account? Instagram algorithm is the one to blame. I’m running both accounts differently in strategies.

I started my Instagram blogging far behind than starting this blog because of my interest in travel, photography, and photo editing. It was so hard since I was attempting into Instagram blogging career while I was studying in college and at the same time I had to work part-timing. I did not make it on my first Instagram blogging since there are boundaries that I can’t cross since my family and friends know that account, it just added more pressure to my attempt in doing blogging. So, I can say that my first Instagram blogging attempt was a failure. Here I am right now, still putting a lot of efforts in order to reach my ultimate goal.

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