Most Instagrammable Places in Nusa Penida, Bali
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Most Instagrammable Places in Nusa Penida, Bali

Let’s get wanderlusted in Nusa Penida, Bali!

Nusa Penida is located apart from Bali mainland and can be easily reached via speedboat which you can catch in the port in Sanur and this island is definitely one of the places you have to visit in Bali. This is a neighbor to Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan but like 10 times bigger and less developed but the landscape here is so wonderful. If you’re planning to also visit Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan, click here for their most Instagrammable spots and click here for the travel guides along with the tips there.

There are many destinations to go in Nusa Penida but the distance from one to another spot quite consumes your time so make sure you stay at least 2 nights, the longer the better since you will have the flexibility to enjoy the tourism spot. If you’re here looking for Bali photo spot, you’re in the right place! Through this blog post, I have listed the 4 most Instagrammable Bali destinations in Nusa Penida for those who have limited time there. Let’s get wanderlusted in Nusa Penida, Bali!

1. Rumah Pohon Melonteng (Melonteng Treehouse)

The famous treehouse from Nusa Penida, taken from another angle


The infamous Melonteng treehouse


Hike a little more and you can get to the highest point where this hut stands


The beautiful view during the hike to get to the treehouse


One of the photo spots


The sun sets on the west side, behind the hill

We decided to come to this Instagram famous spot first thinking we could also visit Atuh Beach (it’s close from this spot) but we had no time since hiking down to the treehouses takes quite a while and we took a lot of photos which made hiking time even longer. I really encourage you to come to Atuh Beach if your time is enough because there is no other tourism destination around these two spots.

Back to Rumah Pohon Melonteng, you can take a picture at or even stay in the treehouse, just browse for Nusa Penida in Airbnb and you will find them. There were 3 treehouses but when I came there, they were building new ones and might be already done by the time you’re reading this blog post. When we came here, there were not so many people visiting this area due to its long walk. I took too many pictures here because it was truly beautiful, every corner is so wonderful.

Best time to visit:

My recommendation to come here is when sunrise or sunset that depends on where you prefer the sun to be. The sun rises from the right side of the iconic treehouse in the second photo while the sun sets behind the hills just like in the third photo, yes we came in the golden hour. I don’t recommend coming in the afternoon because it will be so hot and dehydrating you when hiking in this area.

Ticket price:

Rp 5.000 (US$ 0.5) per person for locals & foreigners

Rp 5.000 (US$ 0.5) for motorbike parking

2. Guyangan Water Springs

Went down through hundreds of stairs with the magnificent view to get to the water spring


The swimming area of the water spring

People usually get confused between Guyangan Water Springs and Peguyangan Waterfall, even the photos in Google aren’t correct. It also happened to me, I thought I went to Peguyangan Waterfall but actually, I went to Guyangan Water Springs. Their names are almost the same and the locations are not far from each other. Unfortunately, I didn’t visit Peguyangan Waterfall for comparison since I only found out about this fact when I wrote this article.

This place is not for those who suck in walking down hundreds of stairs since that was actually what we were doing just to get down to the water springs. We came here in the morning around 8 or 9 in the morning and I don’t think it’s a good time since I didn’t really get cool shots due to the lack of lighting. I warn you to be careful because the stairs are partly still made of woods, I just feel it’s unsafe. Just be careful in every step you make!

Best time to visit:

Afternoon or sunset time. Just a reminder to be on the top before dark, the stairs are quite flimsy.

Ticket price:

Rp 5.000 (US$ 0.5) per person for locals and foreigners, including sarong renting to be worn because it’s also temple down there

Rp 5.000 (US$ 0.5) for motorbike parking

3. Kelingking Beach

The infamous T-Rex from Nusa Penida


The beauty of Kelingking

Who doesn’t know about this place? It’s all over Instagram! I am just so speechless when I arrived there. You can also go down to the beautiful beach down there but due to the limited time, we were only adoring the beach from far away.

Best time to visit:

Morning. Why? This is a very famous spot and you better be here in the morning so you will have the area by yourself. We came in the afternoon and found around 100 people in this area but actually, we managed to get the clear shot without people.

Ticket price:

Rp 10.000 (US$1) per motorbike

4. Angel’s Billabong

Angel's Billabong
It was impossible for me to swim alone here

Another Insta-famous spot, the tide pool called Angel’s Billabong. I would really love to have a photoshoot in this area just like I saw on Instagram. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible because when I came there, there were many people around and in the tide pool. Actually, a sign says that they don’t allow you to get down to the tide pool due to its danger. But as you can see in the photo above, most of the visitors are rebels. I apologize for the bad quality picture since it was a screenshot from my video.

Best time to visit:

Morning, that’s if you want to have the pool by yourself and take Insta-worthy photos.

Ticket price:

Rp 10.000 (US$ 1) per motorbike

5. Angel’s Billabong

Broken Beach-2
The infamous arch of Broken Beach


Broken Beach-1
Me in Broken Beach

Broken Beach is located in the same location as Angel’s Billabong so it’s like 2-in-1 spot. This is also an Instagram famous photo spot. The view is totally unique to see from land view so as drone view.

Best time to visit:

Whenever you like. It’s not as crowded as Angel’s Billabong.

Ticket price:

Rp 10.000 (US$ 1) per motorbike (same parking spot as Angel’s Billabong)

Thank you very much for reading this blog post. For guides and tips in wandering in Nusa Penida, I also wrote a blog post about that here. Also, if you’re willing to check out my adventure, please support me on my Instagram here.


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