6 Most Instagrammable Places in Singapore

Let’s get wanderlusted in Singapore!

Singapore, who don’t know about Singapore? It’s a country that only has one particular city also the only developed country in South East Asia. Let me show you my favorite places in extravagant Singapore. If you’re only in Singapore as a transit before coming to Bali, you’re welcomed to read my travel guide to Bali, just click me. Through this blog post, I have listed the most Instagrammable places in Singapore for your 4-day trip.

Haji Lane in Singapore
  1. Haji Lane

This lane is filled with colorful colors. It’s definitely one of my favorite place to take photos and just chill in the afternoon. Click me for the location.

Castle inside the Universal Studios, Singapore
Castle inside the Universal Studios, Singapore
Pyramid inside the Universal Studios, Singapore
  1. Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios is located in Sentosa Island. To get to the Sentosa Island, you need to go to Vivo City Mall to ride Sentosa Express here. First of all, the entrance fee of the theme park is quite expensive but there are many spots that are Instagrammable inside. Just make sure that you have some fun too going inside a theme park and not just taking photos for Instagram ;). Click me for the location.

Riding the sky ride
The sky ride heading to Siloso Beach
  1. Skyline Luge

Do you love the sky ride/cable car? Well, you can’t miss riding this. You can get a wonderful view while getting great photos for Instagram. You can ride from and to Siloso Beach in Sentosa Island. Click me for the location.

Palawan Beach, Singapore
The iconic suspension bridge in Palawan Beach, Singapore
The view from the outlooking tower in Palawan Beach, Singapore
The other side view of Palawan Beach, Singapore
Catching sunset in Palawan Beach pier
  1. Palawan Beach

I’m a tropical girl so I challenged myself to find a trace of tropical feeling in Singapore. Guess what, I did find the beach in Singapore that ticks the criteria for becoming my favorite beach. It was less crowded and well-maintained. It also has an iconic suspension bridge to get to the smaller island. Still located in Sentosa Island, click me for the location.

The iconic trees in Garden by the Bay
The Supertree Groove
The trees from a distance
  1. Garden by The Bay

This place truly reminds me of the Avatar movie, the trees are just so unrealistically beautiful. There was no fee to get to the location but in some spots, you will be required to pay to get in such as Supertree Groove, Cloud Forest, and Flower Dome. Click me for the location.

The gigantic Marina Bay Sands building (Edited water version)
The gigantic Marina Bay Sands building (Non-edited water version)
  1. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is one of the expensive hotels in Singapore with a killer view in its infinity pool which sadly only available for the hotel guests. Actually, I was failing to get in since there was a hard rain so I rushed to the MRT station instead. Fortunately, I have taken some of this iconic building photos from distance, in the Dragonfly Lake. As you can see that on the first photo, the lake water is so light blue because I edited it while the second photo captured the lake water to be that filthy shade of green. To be honest, with the naked eye, the color of the lake is artificial teal, just like in the swimming pool. Click me for the location of Marina Bay Sands and click me for the location of where I took the photos.

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Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you find this blog post helpful. For more Instagrammable place blog posts, please click here. Happy travel!

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6 Most Instagrammable Places in Singapore
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4th pic is very epic