What is preset?

Preset is “filter” to change the appearance, meaning the colors and the atmosphere of your photo. The term preset itself is correlated to Adobe Lightroom, one of the best photo editors worldwide. Adobe Lightroom has their desktop version (with subscription) and mobile version (with or without subscription). Many photographers and Instagram influencers have been selling their own custom made presets to the public. Through this page, I’m going to show you how you can get my preset pack for free.

My free preset pack is called BALI BABY that includes 4 LRTEMPLATE files for desktop Lightroom and 4 DNG files for mobile Lightroom, even work for the free mobile version. These photos are the transformations of the photo and the Instagram feeds using my presets. Most of the photos were taken with the phone so this is also a beginner-friendly preset pack. Keep reading to know how to get the presets.

Bali Baby Preset Pack
These all are the transformations using my BALI BABY preset pack
No Filter Instagram Feeds
The original Instagram feeds without any editing
BALI BABY: Devil's Tears
The Instagram feeds transformation, each was edited using Devil’s Tears preset
BALI BABY: Gala Gala Cave
The Instagram feeds transformation, each was edited using Gala Gala Cave preset
BALI BABY: Melonteng Treehouse
The Instagram feeds transformation, each was edited using Melonteng Treehouse preset
BALI BABY: Moody Feeling
The Instagram feeds transformation, each was edited using Moody Feeling preset

In exchange for my work in creating the presets, you can do the following steps in order to get the preset pack:

  1. Sign-up to Travelibro App

    Travelibro is an app created for travelers to bring their stories alive and in chronological order. You must use my link, click me to sign-up. My link will automatically bring you to App Store or Google Play depending on you phone system operation.

  2. Follow me in Travelibro

    In the search bar, search my username “immatakeyou” then follow me.

  3. Report back to me

    Send me a DM on Instagram by saying “BALI BABY” and I will automatically know that you’ve done the steps. I will give you the link and password where you can download the files.

Travelibro App
The look of Travelibro App