Travel Guide to Visit Pink Beach in Lombok

Let’s get wanderlusted in Pink Beach, Lombok!

First of all, there are two famous pink beaches in Indonesia. One is in Lombok while the other one is in Komodo island. Apparently, the one in Komodo is pinker and more famous than the one in Lombok. Since the Lombok one is not that pink, the best time to see the pink hue of the sand is in the golden hour. Pink Beach in Lombok is pretty secluded, you can drive here or you can also sail here. There is no hotel or motel in Pink Beach, the small convenient shop, or as we call it “warung” there only serve instant noodles along with some drinks like coffee or tea.

How is it pink?

Pink Beach-1
The beautiful Pink Beach during the correct time of visiting

The dead red corals got crushed into a fine form into the sand then the wave brought it to the beach filled with white sand, two colors mixed became pink. But especially at this beach, you won’t be able to see the pink color all the time. I recommend seeing it in the golden hour.

Where to stay?

As far as I know, there are two tourism areas in Lombok which are Senggigi and Kuta. Senggigi becomes famous because it’s located nearby the port for the ships, especially the ones from Gili islands. I really recommend staying in the Kuta area, especially around Pariwisata Street. Why? Because it’s easier to go to eating places or bars and most importantly that it’s closer to Pink Beach since the location is in the south. Just a reminder that even the bars here close at midnight. If you like camping, you can also camp here or simply just sleep on the hammock provided in Pink Beach.

Talking about Gili islands, click me to check out the Gili Trawangan fun facts.

How to get there?

By Land

Map Pink Beach-2
The direction from Kuta-Pink Beach

You will have to spend about 1.5 hours driving one-way on the unpaved road so that will be around 3 hours in total for the round trip. I totally don’t recommend this method since it’s going to be exhausting and the warung owner said that there are some sketchy people nearby the entrance for Rp 50.000 (US$ 3) per person just to enter. Instead of driving by yourself here, you can rent a car along with the driver for Rp 400.000-Rp 800.000 (US$ 35-70) in Pariwisata Street to drive you here. I also don’t recommend it because I actually rent a car with a driver for Rp 450.000 (US$ 40), I was free to go anywhere for 12 hours total including with the gasoline fee. For your information, the picture above is the route to get to the Pink Beach from Kuta, Lombok by land.

To get to Kuta, you can fly directly to Lombok Airport or you can cross to Lombok mainland (Teluk Nare Ferry Terminal) through Gili Islands. So far, I haven’t been able to find a direct ferry from Bali to Senggigi, Lombok. However, if you stay in Gili Islands and would like to go Kuta, Lombok in private transfer for up to 4 people, you can consider the links I provide below. You can easily book online, hassle-free completed with free cancellation.

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By Sailing

I highly recommend this method since you will be able to visit Pink Beach, the islands around, or even snorkeling. I paid for Rp 550.000 (US$ 50) to rent the boat for daylight time along with 2 boatmen, snorkeling equipment, and life jackets. By sailing, I was able to be stress-free enjoying the sea view, no bumpy unpaved road. I even stopped by in the floating eating spot where you can eat fresh seafood being caught right after you order.

How can I get a boat for rent?

Map Pink Beach-1
The sail option on the map

There are a lot of boats for rent in Tanjung Luar (the starred place above). I was originally going there but I ended up going from Pantai Ketapang Indah (the red dot above) since there’s a local trying to make us see the beach of Ketapang Indah so it can be a new tourism spot. That guy ended up helping me dealing with a boatman about renting the boat to go to Pink Beach. The helper’s name is Edi and here is his number +6281805298537, I promised him to share his number for the people wanting to go to Pink Beach. He can speak decent English as not so many locals around there speaking English. Unfortunately, I think he doesn’t have Whatsapp so you have to call or send a regular message to him. You can easily buy an Indonesian number for cheap if you want to contact him.

Pink Beach-2
The Pink Beach from above, taken from the nearby hill
Pink Beach Hill
The view from the hill nearby Pink Beach
Gili Petelu
The inhabited island nearby Pink Beach
Boat Trip
The sunset during the boat trip
Gili Pasir
The island that only emerges during the low tide

The photos above were taken during my boat trip. Apart from Pink Beach, I also visited Sumur Ikan (Fish Well) a not so well-known snorkeling spot, another snorkeling spot which I have no idea what the name is, a deserted island called Gili Petelu, a deserted island that only appears during low tide called Gili Pasir where you can find a lot of starfishes. I got to visit a lot of amazing places on a private boat trip, definitely worth the money. There are many beautiful places in Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan islands as well, click me to find out.

Thank you so much for reading my blog post. I hope this will be helpful to you. Please keep in mind that the fees I list above are not 100% correct, there might be some changes or differences. I hope you find this blog post helpful for your trip. Happy travel!

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Travel Guide to Visit Pink Beach in Lombok
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Hello Interesting places. I’ve never been to a pink beach.


I, as a native of Lombok, am very happy that you are reviewing this, I am a tour guide here in Lombok. Hopefully the destinations and infrastructure in Lombok are getting better day by day.